Child'Space Method for Developmental Monitoring: for newborns to independent walking... and onwards

In May 2017, Louise completed training in the Child'Space Method for Developmental Monitoring developed by Israeli Feldenkrais Trainer Dr. Chava Shelhav.

Child'Space supports and nurtures a child's learning during the period of development from birth to independent walking.

The method's strategies focus on learning by providing functional opportunities. This makes Child'Space applicable to all babies and children - from the spectrum of typical development to special needs children.

Child'Space uses touch, movement and sensory mapping in a respectful learning 'space' and works at the child's 'pace' so as not to overwhelm the learning process. The method also guides parents in the language of early development and encourages parents to observe their child's individuality.

Sessions begin from where the child is developmentally and aim to assist in filling in any functional gaps that emerge as missing ingredients in the developmental process.

A "Let's Begin Moving" introductory package consists of 3 lessons and is designed for children who are new to the method.

To book a series of lessons, please email or phone 0415 494 539.

How a Lesson Goes

To see how a Child'Space - Chava Shelhav Method Lesson proceeds, go to the following Child'Space - Chava Shelhav Method Lesson web site page.

More Information?

For more information, see or download the "Feldenkrais and Child'Space" brochure here:

PDF Restoring Proprioception etc

Also, see Child'Space Method web site.


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