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Perhaps you've read about ABM (The Anat Baniel Method) or heard about Anat Baniel's work but aren't clear how the Method could help you or your child who has special needs.

Anat Baniel published her first book based on her program 'Move Into Life: the Nine Essentials for Lifelong Vitality' in 2010. It's a great read and really demonstrates through anecdotes, practical advice about incorporating the 'essentials' into daily life and short movement lessons how movement organises the brain and consequently can transform your way of thinking and moving, and be life-changing and revitalising.

In early 2012, Anat Baniel's second book titled 'Kids Beyond Limits' was published. In her new book, Anat presents 'the Nine Essentials' and how they underpin working with children with special needs, no matter what the diagnosis.

Supported by the latest brain plasticity research, Anat demonstrates how her nine principles have the capacity to effectively enhance a child's movement awareness, allowing important connections to be made in the brain which can bring about potent change. Through gentle touch and subtle movement, the method provides an experiential learning environment based on playing using developmental movement principles. It respectfully assists a child to fill in gaps in their self-awareness and to develop the ability to find ways to move in and out of situations. As a child develops more movement confidence, self-motivation increases and it becomes easier to get around and explore his world.

In short the use of movement, attention and deeper awareness are the basis of this learning process. The benefits of this unique approach are cumulative, just as making changes in your life on other levels equate to 'being in a process'.

ABM is exciting to work with. As a practitioner I enjoy working with small children and seeing them become happier, more curious and more confident to learn.

This work is also effective in improving movement coordination and balance for older children and adults.

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For more information about Anat Baniel and her work with children refer to her website



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